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Nokia 7 T-Mobile USA

It's so sad that Nokia 7 is not coming to USA. We only have Nokia 2 (1GB RAM lol!), Nokia 6 (Only can use with 2 hands because its HUGE/MONSTROUS). Nokia 8 I can get on Amazon but it is also a GIANT phone. Since you are not competing with Sony and making a compact like the Xperia XZ1 Compact, or Apple with iPhone SE compact why not bring a decent spec 4.6-5.2 inch phone? 

Questions: Will Nokia 7 work on T-Mobile USA if I buy on ebay?

Worst case I get the Xperia compact But man I miss my old Nokia days : Nokia E72/73 best phone ever. I would even settle for something like a Nokia C7 but 4+ inches. If only corporate HMD knew more about the US market they would actually get some interest here. Oh well... Thanks!

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Hi user1511048442825,

Nokia 7 has been optimized exclusively for China, including features and network support. You would not be able to use it on T-Mobile USA, unfortunately. 

Thanks for your interest in our products, wishing you a wonderful week!

Anna (Moderator)


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