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Why you don't come out with   bezel-less phone real wireless chargeing. that  will make  nokia bigger compony.
do something inovative thing. make full bezel less display. to beat apple and samsung.

I like the idea. I think HMD has to do 4 things in order to be a viable company:

1) Bezel-less phone similar to Essential phone to compete with Samsung and Apple

2) Mid Range QWERTY (Physical Keyboard like the Nokia E-series). A little smaller than the HUGE Blackberry Keyone. This will be a major success if released in ALL markets and not just China

3) Solid spec 4 or 4.5 inch phones to compete with iPhone SE and Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. Sad that  the only good specs you have to offer are on 5.5 and 5.3 inch phones.

4) Ad more bands and radio frequencies to phones like Apple does so that someone like me in the USA that likes the Nokia 7 or even a Nokia 5 could order online and use it here! Wake up HMD. Your chances of success are 50-50. With the current game plan you lose a ton of market share. 

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 Nice product suggestions!

Thanks! Maybe we should start a petition? I'm enjoying my blackberry keyone but man would I kill for a Nokia E72/73 with a 4 inch screen running Android oreo! Even a Nokia 7 mini with a 4.5 inch display would be awesome! Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 are too big. I want physical keyboard or small device foe one handed use! What's your ideas for new devices?

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Well, I've thrown many into the mix here on the forums, I can't remember them all. Many are similar to yours (although I should say that I actually don't want a bezel-less phone, I need somewhere to hold the phone!), others relate to software, camera, connectivity, OS, etc.

Basically, I'm happy to see Nokia back. I know they need to focus on some safe, big sellers and for most of the market this means "big and shiny". However I'd like them to focus on features, innovations and exclusive software in future, to differentiate themselves from the hoard of other Android phones.

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