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Oreo Update Not Available

 Hi guys, thanks in advance for any help.

I got my nokia 8 yesterday, im from Colombia/Latin America and im using movistar as carrier. I already added my imei to betalabs and it said ok...but i have been trying to update to Oreo and the update doesnt appear...any suggestion on how to fix this?

Have a great evening.





Thanks for your interest in beta labs! The latest round of beta labs has finished and there's currently no beta software available for testing. 

Have a wonderful day,

Anna (Moderator) 

So with BetaLabs finished Anna, is there a chance we'll soon receive word on when we might expect the official Oreo rollout? Or is that still up in the air?



 Hi Ana, thats exactly my question...if its over the update shouldnt just appear?...anything im missing?



 So, no answer? :(

I think I can answer your questions for you KaRI.

First of, no, just because the Beta is over doesn't mean the update should "just appear." I believe they would still need to polish things up a little more and implement any feedback and/or address any concerns from the community before officially rolling the latest update out.

Speaking of when the update comes out since I believe you were also asking about that as well like I was, it is officially out now. HMD's CPO Juho Savarski confirmed on his Twiiter Account (here) yesterday that the update was ready and coming out over the next two days. You can see the tweet here if you want.

Hope this info helps.

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