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Hi all

Just bought myself a new Nokia 8 and I am let's hope that the true 'old' Nokia values shine through into the 'new' future.

So in saying that here is my question--

Is there a way to create a simple contact group? I want to create a 'football' group among others and add contacts to this group so that I can send one sms to all these members in the group.




You can create a dedicated group of contacts by going to Contacts > Menu (top left corner) > Labels > Create label.

After naming the "label" you can add the contacts you wish to add, and use it to message everyone in the group (SMS & email).  

Hope this helps. 

Have a wonderful day! 
Anna (Moderator) 

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Thanks Anna just what I was after. One question, are you able to select multiple contacts as you scroll through your contacts list or do you have to keep going back and forth selecting single ones? Cheers


No problem plolic, glad to be of help! You can indeed select multiple contacts at once. :)

Have a great day!
Anna (Moderator) 

I found out that you can select multiple contacts at once by doing a 'long' press on the name you want and it will place a tick next to the name. You can then continue like this with other names you want to add. Hope this helps anybody else out there.


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Super tip plolic! :) 

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