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nokia 5 mini?


any idea to make a real mini version of the phone? E.g. 4.6" screen size?

Keep working hard.

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Tech Wizard

Well, Nokia 5 isn't a flagship phone to get a mini version of itself. It did get a (Maxi) upgrade with Nokia 5 3GB RAM version of the phone !

Well - I don't need a flagship phone, I need suitably sized phone (for me 4,5"), which has "decent" specifications (e.g. 2GB RAM, 16GB storage). And all new phones are just too big. Even Nokia 2 has 5" screen and it has too little memory.

Tech Wizard

I meant the flagships are the smartphones that usually get a mini version.

I do agree there are not much smaller sized phones with decent specifications. I own a Nokia 808 and Nokia 500. It fit perfect in my hand and pocket! But don't have much of a choice nowadays. So I settled with Nokia 5 for its 5.2" display. It feels a little big, but used to it now. Except it feels a little too tall in pocket.

 Maybe now it would be a good time to have also Nokia 7/8 mini? Same HW specs but with max. 5" display ?

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