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Export contacts to sim-card

Hi I need help. How can I export numbers from phone to sim-card? I need to send phone to repairshop and my sparephone doesn't have google account so I need contacts to sim-card. Sparephone doesn't have memorycard slot and it didn't recognize bluetooth transfer.

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Tech Wizard

U might want to provide more details about your 'sparephone' if u want help. Like the Brand atleast.

SIM has a limited memory and can store upto 250 contacts. It can also store around 20 SMS as well.

You can try exporting the contacts to .csv from your Nokia phone.
Contacts > Settings > Export > Store in SD card.

And later transfer the .csv file to new phone through Bluetooth / USB (If supported).
If .csv is not supported on your phone. You might have to convert this .csv file to .vcf contact files and try importing.

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