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Alarm is not ALARMING

For the past few days I'm rushing to my game , the reason behind this is"MY ALARM IS NOT ALARMING" , Please suggest some possible fix.

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I tried two solutions I found here; settings-apps-clock-notifications: override do not disturb and : 1. Go to SETTINGS 2. Search DEVICE ADMINISTRATORS 3. Select BATTERY OPTIMISATION 4. Select ALL APPS 5. Open CLOCK 6. Select DON'T OPTIMISE, my alarm now works!

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 Probably broke the speaker. I have the same problem. It is a disease of new Nokia phones. :(

I have found a solution to this problem. Even my alarm and SMS weren't working. The system apps are being killed in the background and Nokia 6 doesn't have an option to NOT kill the system apps in the background. So I installed 3rd party apps like "SMS Organiser" by Microsoft (the best SMS app) and "Alarmy" (one of the decent alarm apps with very few/ no ads). Now to enable them to work in the background go to Settings->Battery->Background activity manager and enable the new apps to run in the background. Problem solved. Alarms and SMS are the last things we would want to block in the background. Faced Lotta problems while making online payments as I couldn't receive OTPs. I hope Nokia comes up with an update soon before more people get frustrated and switch to other phones.

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@user1516338772630 as I have installed the app. But Nokia is not resolved the actual and very basic issue. These are the fundamentals of the any phone where many basic phones have lot of features than Nokia 6
Hi Alarm not working .
I faced the same issue. Again, because of the unnecessary battery optimisation feature. 1 search for battery optimisation in settings menu 2 select all apps and change the settings for clock and whatever other app you're facing an issue with, to 'don't optimise' 3 for alarm, keep the clock app open in the background and don't close it. Set alarms every half an hour for 6 hours (mute it if you wish) 4 now the phone will not force kill the app It definitely worked for me for SMS, alarm, whatsapp, outlook, moneycontrol etc.
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