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Project Treble - Nokia 8 Oreo

Will the stable Oreo release for the Nokia 8 contain Android Project Treble?

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As stated by Juho Sarvikas on Twitter:

Treble requires 2 conditions to be met:

1) Adapt to the new Vendor Interface implementation

2) Standalone Vendor partition to contain Vendor Implementation

Nokia 8 does not have separate Vendor partition in ROM space and the partitioning cannot be done OTA.

Link to the Tweet here

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Project Treble's main purpose seems to be to ease the distribution of updates. As Nokia was pretty quick with updates in the past, I don't know if Project Treble would lead to much improvement.

But Project Treble is also a major redesign of Android's architecture, and is expected to improve isolation between components and thus also overall security:

What I don't understand so far: If Project Treble is not enabled on the Nokia 8, does it benefit from the architectural changes and additional isolation nonetheless?

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