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Display Unevenness on Nokia 8

I got myself a Nokia 8 after my 6P bootlooped. So far switching from an AMOLED display to LCD display has been my most annoying issue with this phone. I actually see darker shades in the bottom area of the phone. This is noticeable especially when scrolling down on a feed on white background. Display also feel uneven when I load a fully black background. I can actually see light bleeding from the edges. My question is... Is this normal on LCD displays? Or should I visit a service center. The problem is not in your face so it would be a painful experience dealing with service center people who are likely to make excuses instead of actually understanding the problem and doing something about it. I wish Nokia had gone for an AMOLED display on this phone. It is perfect otherwise. 

I can't notice any defects on the screen myself. Haven't done much comparing on lcd vs amoled but both have some strong sides I guess. How about burn in and fading/yellowish colors over time? Have heard and seen some bad stuff about that on amoled...

my experience with amoled is mostly restricted to nexus 5 and nexus 6p and both had amazing displays. owned both for around 1.5 years and had no issues with burnins or color fading. moto turbo was another phone i previously owned with an lcd display and similar problems to nokia 8. i guess i made a mistake going for a phone with lcd display again. the quality of display is really annoying for someone like me who has been using an amoled phone for the last 2 years. the phone is amazing otherwise. 

I've used Samsung S2 and Note 2 and 3, Sony Z5 Premium, Moto Z and now Nokia 8. Samsungs screens is often rather warm in my opinion. I found Z5 P really nice. But it felt mostly like a gimmick with 4k screen. Nokia 8 feels good enough for the smallest screen size setting despite it's a bit smaller that some of my other phones. Black might not be that black as on other screens. But I'm not that very picky on that point

Yup. I love the compactness of the phone. Much easier to handle than the 6P. 

I notice it too and I can assure you that it's not a LCD problem. It's specific to Nokia 8. I tried showing it to a lot of people. No one else sees it. I also think the display has a bluish tint.

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I bought a Nokia 5 and it's screen is dimmer from the bottom went to the customer care center and told them the issue they didn't agree and said it was perfect after 1 hour of on and off argument they finally agreed to replace the panel... Now I'm think should I go for the replacement of panel or live with it...
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