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Not receiving any nougat OTA security updates after participating in the oreo beta


thanks for letting us beta-test oreo.

ever since i updated to oreo, i am unable to receive any OTA update.

Let me list what i did in order:

-i got the Nokia 8 (unbranded)

-received OTA to 3.08B with september security patch

-received OTA to 3.09A with october security patch

-participated in oreo-beta-signup

-received OTA to 4.35D oreo beta with october security patch

-camera stopped working after taking one single picture ("unable to connect to camera Hardware"-message)

-made a factory-reset to see if the camera would work (i need the camera daily)

-sadly the Hard-Reset did not fix it (after taking one single picture it crashed again every time)

-so i decided to request rollback via OTA (loosing my data again..)

-received rollback OTA to 3.08B nougat with september security patch

-after setting everything up again, checking for update to receive 3.09A with october patch
-3.09A OTA never arrived (checked many times over several days)
-then i decided to make a full rom flash to 3.09A
-after Setting up everything again from scratch i thought everything is good now with OTA
-now i see several Nokia 8 users reporting that they received Nougat OTA november patch
-again checking many times over several days for OTA but i receive nothing......

something must be broken with OTA (maybe server-side Problem related to IMEI).

@mod: can you please try to find out what the problem is?

thanks in advance.


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