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Nokia 2 needs improvements

Sir, I would like to draw the line that Nokia 2 must have a variant of 2gb ram and 16gb of storage (optional: a better Snapdragon chipset) to get a win over the phones at the same segment price such as moto e or redmi 4a etc. I am a genuine lover of Nokia phones and I don't want to see Nokia lose before other brands. It may have a bit higher price (1000-1500rupees). But Nokia needs it absolutely as critics have started to say that Nokia 2 has a "primitive hardware". Please develop a new variant of Nokia 2 with the above features.##loveyounokia
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The Nokia 3 has a better SoC and more memory and it can be bought for about €110 (Rs 8.5K) in my country. Why would anyone buy a Nokia 3 if the 2 had a better SoC and more memory for less price. I would like to see a more powerful Nokia 2, but it's questionable will it be financially worth it for HMD (maybe it will if only available in some countries).

Some rumors do suggest that a 2GB/16GB variant is coming by the end of the year, so if you are considering the two, wait a little longer and see if it [the rumor] will come true. 

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