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Apps and profiles missing

Hello. I wish to put my nokia 3310 3g on silent mode but cannot find the profiles option. Is there a way to put it on silent? Also twitter and facebook are not preinstalled on my phone. How can i download them? Thank you

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I have the profile question as well. I can't work out how to put the phone to silent.

I’m having this issue too. Cant find the profile menu anywhere

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This is a great phone over all but since it is missing the ability to quickly change between silent and not silent it is fatally flawed. Currently I am turning it off when I am somewhere it cannot ring. I have used these type of phones since 2003, I've never seen one that lacked a silent mode. That is not really acceptable. What a disappointment.

For now, I'll be switching back to my U2800A. Maybe this phone will get better software in the future.

Just long press the # key and adjust the volume. It can be adjusted between 1 and 9, but also set to Beep and Silent.
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