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Oreo Public Update

Oreo public update for Nokia has begun. I am downloading it right now.

Nokia 8 - India

Good luck with that.

Please provide feedback asap, I won't have wireless 1-2 hours more until I reach home :))

 That's good progress. Right now there is no update available for me using a TA-1012 in the UK but it could be days or weeks yet.

Once Oreo is deployed, perhaps HMD/Nokia can then get to work on improving the software feature set of their phones.



So far it's not different to the beta version. The version number is change from 4.35D of beta version to 4.35J of this public version.

Still no notification light like in Nougat....

 What country origin?

Finally received Oreo update thanks Nokia 4.35j right...Country India t1004
Poland TA-1004 Oreo download

 TA-1004 Finland no Oreo yet.

Echt jetzt? !!!!!! Nokia.... Glance funktioniert immer noch nicht mit dritt Anbietern.. fast nicht zu gebrauchen. Kamera App ,auch nicht überarbeitet!!!! Immer noch schlecht !!! Was soll der Quatsch ?! Was sollen die Benachrichtigungspunkte warum kein Countertenor mehr ?? Ich hätte lieber die Wahl gehabt ! Also ich sehe keinen Fortschritt ,nur das wir jetzt Oreo haben ,aber glance,kamera immer noch nicht funktioniert.... Mir reicht's auch !!! Nokia 8 verkaufe ich jetzt "wenn ich dafür noch was bekomme" hoffe ich ! Gehe wieder zu OnePlus oder greife tiefer in die Tasche und kaufe ein Pixel 2 !! Echt genervt von HMD !!! Wie soll ich den sehen ,wenn ich eine WhatsApp, Facebook ect. Nachricht bekomme ?? Ich kann das alles garnicht in Worte fassen !!!

 I don't know about after update, but FB messenger messages will works with Glance and Microsoft Outlook mail work with glance. If app itself won't support import to screensaver layer (or what should we call it) then their messages don't came on glance.

Suggestion for you, have you looked in the play store for glance screens? You'll find something called glance plus why don't you give it a try maybe it will do what you want, it's quite customisable. Nokia have said they will improve the camera app, I suspect all their efforts have been put into getting a stable Oreo release out, so a reworked camera app is probably not ready. What would you rather, wait another month for a stable Oreo with a reworked camera app or release Oreo with what we have? They could easily push a new camera app via the play store if they wanted to, other manufacturers do. The reason you have no counter on your messages is because Nokia are using launcher 3 which is included with aosp android which is what Nokia use and this does dots for notifications not numbers. This is how Google intend android to be and it won't be any different with a Pixel 2, you still get the dots I'm afraid, you'll just blow more money for more or less the same hardware and a slightly better camera. If you would like the numbers back you can install a their party launcher, you'll find plenty in the play store and some do exactly what you want. The Google play store is your friend for customising your phone and getting it how you like it, look and try some different launchers and glance screens. Their is virtually nothing you can't customise to get your phone how you like it. If pure android really isn't for you, I seriously do not recommend you get a pixel 2, you won't be happy, go for something with all the bells and whistles like a Samsung or Huiwei phone, these run very heavily modified versions of android.
TA-1012, Turkey, just updated from Oreo Beta to 4.35J No significant changes as stated above.
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