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Oreo dispointed for me but good

At beginning onwards i waiting for camera update... Very high expectations about camera in oreo but finally oreo released no changes in camera....juho sarvikos said developing the camera but till today no development about camera..... Hoping their soon provide us camera update

oreo really dispointed no changes in camera why

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disappointed with no change in UI. already i have sent request for themes option, and system UI changes. 

Suresh, if your not happy with pure android which is what the Nokia 8 runs why not download another launcher? Their are loads of them in the play store, the launcher is the overlay or UI which basically themes your phone and changes how it works and looks. Some of them are paid, some are free, most are free to try out. Their is very little you cannot customise by downloading different apps from the play store, from keyboards to launchers to themes and glance screens.

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thanks. i am using substratum theme engine. it takes time to install..
Oreo is good in performance but why their only allow cast to Google chrome. Now a days many tvs are comes with inbuilt WiFi please nokia enable this option. Camera is same like previous need an quick update

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please focus on camera not satisfied

I posted this in a one of the other threads about Miracast support. It's something Google did as of android 5.0 lollipop, they disabled it in favour of their own Chromecast device. Unfortunately to try the following hackery out you need root which I don't have to test this, basically you need to modify the build.prop file to enable Miracast, this is assuming Google haven't stripped all the code out for it in Oreo. This website kind of explains what you need to do, but I don't think any of us can test is it works without root.

oreo is excellent great performance and smooth nokia if possible provide us app lock password( i donot like to download 3rd party application) which gives us more privacy, enable casting with other devices not chrome many where using their own wifi DLNA and also please improve the camera lot of peoples complaining why still silent...?

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