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In Google play store phone is uncertified and it doesn't get any updates !!!!!

Hi, Mandar here from India got Nokia 6 and saw its uncertified, checked what's uncertified status means by Google. It says uncertified devices are not secure and they won't get any security or is updates. Last I checked with what's the update for Nokia 6 it says android 7.1.2 and security patch of 2nd October.. but I checked with service care and they said they have the update but turned out to be June 2 update with 7.1.1 goddamn bastards when I took the phone I had August update... So you people are so disgusting that the situation was bad you just managed to make it worse.. gone are those days when I was a proud user of Nokia 3310,1100,1110,5230(Xpress music), E71, E7 and then came Nokia 6 you have gone down to steep and do not deserve to be market even I've used all those phones and waited 4long years to buy Nokia again but unfortunately you've driven me crazy and I won't buy any Nokia device further. Sheet full memory with Nokia 6 android and the service care people.

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