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Poll - 'Add Icon To Home Screen'


I hope you will join this poll. Long story told short, after moving to Oreo (Beta, and now Final), this option is missing on Nokia 8.

Quick Background, in 7.1.1 this option could be enabled/disabled under 'Play Store Settings'. In Oreo, Google moved this setting to 'Home Screen Settings' since they think it fit's better the Homescreen settting.

If you 'long press' on an empty area of your Home Screen, you get the option to set 'Wallpaper' 'Widget' 'Setting'.

Hit Setting and you have a menu where you find different options to choose from. One of them is 'Add Icon to Home Screen'.

After installing Oreo Beta, this option was simply not there. It is annoying since everytime download a new App from Google Play Store, it automatically adds an Icon to the Home Screen. I don't like that.

A Tech Admin from Nokia claims now, that this is now a Carrier Feature depending on your Moile Operator. I think, this is a complete b........ Why should this be now depending on the Mobile Operator?!? (fyi, I also do have a Nexus 6P with Oreo, Sim Card from the same operator, and here, voila, the option is available.

So, just to prove, that what I believe, i's not a carrier option, I would like to start a poll.

If you want to participate, just check your Home Screen Settings for this option and add it to the list with the following info:

Mobile Operator   Setting Available (Yes/No)

A1 (No)

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