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Nice Oreo

Thanks Nokia for providing the Stable Android O with November Google Security Patch.. The experience has been generally good. Kudos Nokia

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Great to hear it, thanks! 

Anna (Moderator) 

Maybe someone from Nokia reading along here.. TA-1012 in the UK. Still have not received the Oreo update. Nokia chat-support tells me 'to wait' or 'contact Google' as Nokia is not responsible for the updates.

Can anyone provide some clarity?




Software rollouts are a phased process, so please check in with your local mobile operator and look out for the notification. 

You can read more about how software updates are delivered here

Hope this provides at least some clarity.

Have a great day! 
Anna (Moderator) 

Hi Anna, 

Thanks. What about sim-free phones? No operator to contact in that case?

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