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Smart Lock stopped working

 Got my N8 on Saturday and it has been great..I setup Smart Lock so it unlocks automatically when my smart watch and or earphones are connected and it was perfect until now.

Now every time I want to access the device I need to input my pin or fingerprint.

I didn't change any settings / add new programs / download update / change launcher.

If I go into the Smart Lock it is empty - back arrow is there and I can choose help from top right but in the main screen area there is nothing to / see or select.

Anyone had this issue?

I am running unlock / carrier free Model TA-1012.


Hi, Had the same on mine, but solved after upload to Oreo! Mine is TA-1004

 Still waiting for Oreo but I fixed by disabling in Trust Agents > Reboot > Enable in Trust Agents.

All is good for now.

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