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Where my oreo?

Apologies if this has been asked before, but when will the UK receive the update. I have a SIM fee Nokia 8 TA-1012. I thought all users were supposed to receive the update over 2 days, starting from Friday past?

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We were, but there seems to be an issue preventing some sim free TA-1012 owners, as well as some people on other models who are also sim free (and in different countries) from getting the update.

Problem is, nobody here on the community forum knows anything since HMD (at the time of writing this) have seemingly said nothing on the matter so far.

I've contacted CS about this and I'm pending an answer since Im using the same model, however I've little hope that much will come off this since apparently others have done the same and simply been instructed to factory reset their phone rather than given a more practical solution.

I'll be sure to post if they say anything useful this time and have a solution or statement.

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Thanks for the update Paradoxa, typical CS response to everything.

I received a Patch last week, l initially thought it was the Oreo build until I noticed the size and read the description, "November Security Update"

To my understanding this patch was supposed to be included in the Oreo build.

What a mess!

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Same issue here. Sim Free T-1012 in the UK. Chat advisers useful as always. Just repeating the script followed by 'We don't have that information'. Would appreciate an official/real response from Nokia/HMD here as they have marketed these phones for their good update policy. So far disappointing. Mostly with the level of service when raising questions...

Nokia where are you?

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Same here, Germany, TA-1012, no oreo yet. 

This is getting better. Just got a  response from Nokia adviser on the chat. Very poor

"But the updates come from Google"

"For additional information regarding Android updates I would kindly advise you to contact Google at"

Wow! and I thought Samsung were bad.

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I have another update. CS got back to me, and I'll give them credit here, they got back alot faster than I expected. That's where my compliments end for them however, and the criticism begins, because beyond fast replies their not much use. Here is a full screenshot of what they said.

Now, there a few things wrong with this that I can see. First of all, they completely miss my enquiry about Oreo. They gave me no real explanation on why my phone is not getting Oreo whatsoever. Next, they go on about Security Patches being location, operator, and hardware dependant. All well and good exception I know that stuff for one, and for another, I also clearly stated these patches are already out for my phone model. So yeah, it doesn't seem like their reading emails properly.

Now onto their actual solution. First of all, the instructions are poorly written and technically incorrect. In order to actually find the Google Play Services, you would need to go into Storage, followed by Apps, then maybe click Show System in the top right before you can actually find Google Play Services. 

(This app seems to appear randomly whether or not Show System is selected.) So yeah. Bad instructions. Annoying enough but resolvable on my own. However if these were instructions given to someone who didn't already know around a phone this could leave them lost. So it still needs correcting.

Now, actually trying the suggestion. I tried their instructions of clearing caches. Simply put, didn't work. Sidenote: this is the second time I've dealt with a company's CS and been told to clear some cache. Do they think its some magic solutions to all of life's problems?

All it did was cause my backup account setting to need to be reconfigured so it knows what account I want my data backed up to, as well as briefly cause my profile pics in apps like Gmail to disappear before reappearing. So this solution was utterly useless.

Oh, and to cap things off, they just closed the ticket immediately before confirming anything like whether I was happy with their assistance (Im not) and whether or not their solution worked. It didn't. So yeah, all in all, Nokia CS is as bad as people are saying if not worse. They don't pay attention to requests, they don't provide functioning solutions, and they just close tickets without verifying anything has worked. 

What use is that? I may as well have not bothered. I might try chase them up about Oreo on the off chance they actually have something useful, though to be honest, this initial contact has already made me very sceptical about getting anything out of them that can actually help. And my confidence in Nokia and HMD as a whole is already quite shaken.

(Sidenote: I tried a few other solutions as well that I came up with on my own, such as uninstalling and reinstalling the updates from Google Play Services, since I heard someone had an update that magically appeared after Play Services updated themselves. That didn't work either for me. I also tried taking the Sim out and rebooting the phone and that didn't work either. I heard it may have worked for some other folks, so you guys may want to give it a shot. Good luck.)

In the meantime, Im gonna try a few other home made solutions. I did hear some references made by other forum-goers in other threads that plugging in a random Sim from a different network has somehow solved their issue, and SIM's are cheap up the shop at the end of the road, so I may try that next. 

I'll post if anything works. If worse comes to the worst, I may just Factory Reset my phone because that's a solution some have tried and claim to work. I hope I don't have to do that though, because going back through set-up is a nightmare.

Anyways, sorry for making this post/update a bit protracted here folks. Hope you all got something useful out of it, even if that is just "CS is a waste of time." Like I said, try some of the other solutions I've mentioned. They didn't work for me, but maybe they'll work for you. Who knows. There's no consistency with these phones or solutions, its all a bit of a lottery it seems. Hopefully things get sorted out for those still waiting for updates soon.

Good luck everyone.

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I have the oreo!

Hey Koroki Did you have to reset your phone, or did it just eventually show up?

I would also like to know if there was anything particular you had to do. Koroki, care to share please?

Same problem here:

TA-1012, Australia, sim-free.

A bit more than a week ago the phone updated to the November security patch.  Android version sits at 7.1.1, the Oreo 8.0 update is not showing up.  Actively trying to update reports "Your system is up to date.

Thanks Paradoxa for your update. Tried rebooting, taking out the SIM card and clearing the cache. All to no avail. Not getting anywhere with customer care either. My phone is still on Android 7.1.1 and September security patch. According to chat support that is fine 'if there was a newer version available your phone would have it' Email techsupport still hasn't gotten back to me. Seems that Nokia has been overselling things a little bit. Wouldn't be that bad if they at least acknowledge the issues and working on a solution..

Has anybody actually tried doing a factory reset? Like many others, I'm a bit reluctant to do it but if someone else can confirm this works I'd be much more willing to try it.

Dont do it, i tried it and nothing on oreo update!
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