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Where my oreo?

Apologies if this has been asked before, but when will the UK receive the update. I have a SIM fee Nokia 8 TA-1012. I thought all users were supposed to receive the update over 2 days, starting from Friday past?

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What determines the update is the build number and the area and operator where the device is.

I have read also Paradoxa complaining about the CS asking him to clear the cache.

Well, this actually works too, but not always, in android devices according to many forums linked to android.

The most crucial info about the devices is the build number, not the TA-xxxx one.

Nokia have responded recently and stated SIM free devices are not being bound by the operator, you're now able to update the device without a SIM in. The only point a SIM is required is when you first boot the device to provision it with Nokia. We still have very little info on the Nokia update system, it is "likely" they need the most recent security update before the Oreo build was completed, but we don't have enough detail to build up a picture.
I can 100% refute that as I bought a brand new SIM free Nokia 8 from Carphone Warehouse, set it up and it immediately updated to Oreo. It never had a SIM anywhere near it until I'd set it up.
Don't shoot the messenger, I'm only repeating the information thats been provided.
Also definitely nothing to do with EE not having approved the update either, as my previous Nokia 8 (which I thought was faulty because of NFC and Bluetooth issues that still exist on the new device) only ever had an EE SIM in it, and that did receive Oreo while that SIM was inserted.
I wasn't shooting anyone, I was just clarifying what I know not to be true so as to avoid confusion.
At the time this was not the case, many of us only received Oreo if we swapped to a Vodafone SIM. This stopped around the 4th January.
I received Oreo weeks back on my first Nokia 8. It didn't have a Vodafone SIM in it. I think it was probably just coincidence. I haven't even touched a Vodafone SIM for a decade.

 Today I have received the security update for 01-2018. 97.3MB, (TA-1012, UK, unlocked, O2 sim card, Oreo 8.0)

I had a chat with the support and I was told to wait for Oreo and check sometimes. I feel like I just won't get any updates to my Nokia phone anymore. :-(

Well got my January patch by mid January, remarkable turnaround considering how long I waited for Oreo and my December patch. Still not keen on the lack of communication from Nokia (bar blowing their own trumpet about complimentarily articles ect)

I tried factory reset on 2 SIMs, but no luck, my phone still gets no updates on Android 7.1. I wrote to Nokia support to ask about that, they say that they don't know when Oreo will show up on my phone in my country, and that the updates are a business of Google, not theirs.

 The update is finally on my phone. It looks like something depends on them after all.

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