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NFC = problems

Is the antenna for NFC really badly designed on Nokia 8? Most of the time my phone won't read any tags, cards or payment terminals. Really disappointed with the performance. I have tried a multitude of different cards, badges, stickers, tags and terminals including other NFC enabled phones (for example to use Android Beam). Anyone else experiencing this? Nokia chat support dodges questions, I get the feeling Nokia knows more than we, the customers, about this issue.

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The NFC works fine for me, but others are reporting similar issues, have a look at this discussion:

 The antenna itself is fine, but the position is beyond awkward.

I have the same issue with my new Nokia 8 Sirocco. Android 8.1.0 has been installed already, however, NFC didn't detect anything. No cards, no phones, no device tags. Really disappointing, as I am curious to try NFC payments by Smartphone.
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