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Turn off sound when charger is plugged in

Hey guys, any way to disable the sound that occurs when you plug in the phone? Does this annoy only me?

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 Given the option I would also turn said unnecessary noise off too.... and the start up tune!

In my opinion the power is in having the option and choice. HMD/Nokia is failing badly on that count, a negative consequence of it's pure Android approach for the Nokia 8.

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I'd like to remove this sound, too. Workaround for now: Put it into do not disturb, plug charger, remove do not disturb. Regards Rufer
I use the app macrodroid to set do Not disturb automatically between 9pm and 5am when I plug in the power. By remove power it goes automatically back to normal mode. It's a solution for all unwanted noise at night.

Yes I had this common enough problem with my Nokia 3.  However, since upgrading to Android Oreo beta the problem has not occurred again.  Prior to upgrading from 7.1.1, I was getting the Nokia 3 powering itself off at least twice a day and always when I plugged in the USB charger cable regardless of the actual battery charge.

I used the OTA upgrade from 7.1.1 to Oreo 8.0 beta 15 days ago and have been unable to reproduce the problem since then.

I wish i could turn my charge notification back on 
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