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Nokia 3 stops responding when left alone for an hour or more

Hello everyone! I have a brand new Nokia 3. When I leave it alone for an hour or more, it stops responding. I keep pressing and long pressing the power button, but no response. Battery isn't the issue, because it happens even when the phone is fully charged, and moreover, plugging it in doesn't help it. The phone turns on automatically again after a long time. What is the cause of this issue and how do I fix it?


it is a bug that was introduced in 7.1.1 update. This problem has been described in several topics in this forum. So far we have not found a solution, and no solution has been provided by Nokia either.

We have figured out that it happens if you use the camera. If you don't - the phone works OK.

So far the only option is to reboot the phone when it stops responding: press power button and volume up button simultaneously for some 10 seconds, and the phone will restart.

I have found a temporary work-around this. If I switch off and restart my phone after using the camera then it keeps working. Turning off the phone when I sleep instead of leaving it inactive also helps. Hope this works temporarily for you guys too! 

Yes I had this common enough problem with my Nokia 3.  However, since upgrading to Android Oreo beta the problem has not occurred again.  Prior to upgrading from 7.1.1, I was getting the Nokia 3 powering itself off at least twice a day and always when I plugged in the USB charger cable regardless of the actual battery charge.

I used the OTA upgrade from 7.1.1 to Oreo 8.0 beta 15 days ago and have been unable to reproduce the problem since then.

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