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Nokia 8 microphone noise

 I am experiencing a loud hissing static noise on my recorded videos.  Worse still, when I am making a call the person on the other end is complaining about a loud noise (I can't hear it on my side), which seems to be the same noise I having on my recorded videos.

It would appear to be a microphone issue, it is not clear if it is hardware or software, as a result I am thinking about returning the phone.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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I have the same problem. It startet one day ago, now the mic is producing noise. When having a phone call, the counterparty doesn't hear a word. The problem is gone when using a head set. So it's probably th ebuilt in mic. Is there a software solution or to I have to sind in the phone?

Hi everybody... 1 month ago I bought a Nokia 8 and last week I face the same problem with the mic. Have you some update about this issue or how to fix it... Thanks I'm advance for your comments

 Just to provide an update: I sent in the phone for repair at the store where I bought it, and went back to using an old Blackberry Classic for 2 weeks.  The repair report stated that they had done a "screening", which I was told meant that everything behind the screen (including the microphone) was replaced.

Worked fine for about a week.

Then last night, my phone updated from Android 8.0 to 8.1, and today the issue returned: loud static hissing noise when I try to use the phone for calls or video recording.

Basically 100% confirms this is a software issue for me.  First Android phone I have ever owned, very unimpressed.  Guess I will be getting the Blackberry out of the drawer once again until this is fixed by Nokia or Google...

I have the same problems too. It started after updating to Android 8.1. Several callers to me complained that my Nokia 8 was very noisy almost to the extent of unable to hear what I was saying.

Tried using WhatsApp voice chat and the noise more or less goes away.

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