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Nokia 8 microphone noise

 I am experiencing a loud hissing static noise on my recorded videos.  Worse still, when I am making a call the person on the other end is complaining about a loud noise (I can't hear it on my side), which seems to be the same noise I having on my recorded videos.

It would appear to be a microphone issue, it is not clear if it is hardware or software, as a result I am thinking about returning the phone.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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I have the same problem. It startet one day ago, now the mic is producing noise. When having a phone call, the counterparty doesn't hear a word. The problem is gone when using a head set. So it's probably th ebuilt in mic. Is there a software solution or to I have to sind in the phone?

Hi everybody... 1 month ago I bought a Nokia 8 and last week I face the same problem with the mic. Have you some update about this issue or how to fix it... Thanks I'm advance for your comments

 Just to provide an update: I sent in the phone for repair at the store where I bought it, and went back to using an old Blackberry Classic for 2 weeks.  The repair report stated that they had done a "screening", which I was told meant that everything behind the screen (including the microphone) was replaced.

Worked fine for about a week.

Then last night, my phone updated from Android 8.0 to 8.1, and today the issue returned: loud static hissing noise when I try to use the phone for calls or video recording.

Basically 100% confirms this is a software issue for me.  First Android phone I have ever owned, very unimpressed.  Guess I will be getting the Blackberry out of the drawer once again until this is fixed by Nokia or Google...

I have the same problems too. It started after updating to Android 8.1. Several callers to me complained that my Nokia 8 was very noisy almost to the extent of unable to hear what I was saying.

Tried using WhatsApp voice chat and the noise more or less goes away.

Has anyone got the issue resolved?

My problems seems to have gone after the March 1st, 2018 security update.

I have the March 1st 2018 security update also, but for me the problem still persists.  I now make all of my calls via a Bluetooth headset connected to the Nokia 8, or a Samsung Galaxy 7 that I have from work as my second phone!  Very disappointed in the Nokia 8, just waiting/hoping that *eventually* Nokia patch the issue.

Same problem here. Indeed, I have updated to April security patch and problem still exists. Is impossible to make a standard call. Receiver can not hear me. Hope this will get solved soon.
Same problem here. Safe mode doesnt help. Did anyone find a solution?

same problem here, any solution?

No, customer service was also no help. Im going to return the phone and buy a new phone (no Nokia). Very dissapointed.
Same problem here. For me it starts when I return from travelling to Europe, I reside in Israel. It works fine in Europe but when I land back home other side complains of strong noise. Doesn't happen with earphones or BT, only standard speaker phone.
Get this problem just yesterday, only on voice call and camera app, this standart apps which, like i think, uses ozo audio and other noise reduction. Other programs dont use all microfones. This problem appears time to time i find some solution on youtube to disable Voice match(also useful for other android) I disable it and will see how situation improove. Also i noticed it start just yesterday, and this days goohle assistant has updated. I think this is some software problem caused by google app, also explanation on youtube. Hope this is problem just for google voise assist and next updates it will go. I spent over 500$ for this phone really like it,really use it for this money but this problem really disapoint, and i see many people face it for looong time. Before i buy phones max 200$ and face no problem
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