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Improvements that are important

1. Messaging app:- multiple messages in one chat cannot be deleted it should be improved. 2. Camera:- features in camera app should be improved and some new features should be added 3. Instead of photos app there should be a gallery app.

Messaging app is made by Google (same as Phone, Contacts or keyboard), so you should use built-in tool for feedback.

The messaging app is the stock one in soap android, if you want a different one install one from the play store. Why do you need a gallery program, Google photos does the job just fine and is part of aosp android, why install another duplicate app. If you must have one though take a look at quickpic on the play store. Part of the appeal for me with the Nokia 8 was the fact it came with pure aosp android with very few modifications, I personally would be very unhappy of Nokia were to start loading the firmware with what I consider to be junkware. Trust me when I say this their is nothing more annoying that having useless pre installed that you cannot uninstall that just waste storage space on your device. Other phone manufacturers do this and I've owned some devices like this and will never have another from one of these manufacturers.
After upgraded to Android 8.0, Nokia 8 becomes the fastest Android handset in the market. Entity Benchmark is 181821!
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