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Internal galary not provided

Tho the mobile is having Google photos... I still request Nokia to provide a extra photo gallery to inbuild. It's very difficult always to access from Google photos.

Tech Wizard

While waiting I suggest try out some of the alternatives in the app store.

Simple Gallery provides basic functionality for pictures and videos on the phone:

If you have a collection of pictures with titles and tags added, then F-Stop has more options and supports EXIF tags to sort the pictures properly by date taken:

I decided to support both and donated for Open Camera too:

It would cost Nokia/HMD a lot of money to develop apps with similar functionality, while it's a few € for me to support the two free apps and buy a Pro version of F-Stop.

Please post a follow-up here if you find something that works better for you?


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Tech Wizard

I was tired of Google Photos crashing on my Nokia 5 when I moved images between folders. 
I switched to QuickPic. It is just around 15MB and really quick with cloud storage support !

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