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November security patch

i haven't received yet the November security patch. is that normal? nokia 3 TA-1032 no brand. Italy. thanks!

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I didn,t too from spain

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Still waiting...

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Same here. Still at October patchlevel. Unbranded TA-1032 from Germany, downloading via WiFi (no data plan on my SIM card). I also removed the SIM once and Since other Nokia 3 users have already received December update, I'm curious what is wrong with my (and other poster's) phone...

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Maybe with the Oreo could start working again..

Got the Novermber update this way manually.

- Shutdown phone

- Remove SIM card

- Startup phone

- In Apps settings, reset data of "Google Services Framework", and force close (this will assign a new Google device ID to your phone; some apps might not like that...)

- In Dialer, dial *#*#checkin#*#*

- Search for updates, install them (via WiFi)

- Insert SIM card again

I immediately received November update that way, but not December update yet.

So since I tried the steps with SIM card in a few times before already (without success), I guess the OTA servers deny the update to my carrier (Congstar Prepaid Germany) - although this carrier neither offers branded phones nor subsidized phones and my phone is unbranded.

Really loving the update situation with Android, hope it will get better with Oreo and Treble.

How do you type "checkin"?

Use the letters below the digits (like good old vanity numbers +1 800 GET LOST) which are also shown in the dialer, so it is *#*#2432546#*#*.

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It does not work
Well, something happen. I got the December update... I have skipped the November update. So thanks mihi
I followed your instructions but I didn't do the things like you but.. something I did.. I barely know what I did.
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