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Cannot turn off "Add icons to Home after installation"

It use to be there for Android 7.1.1. Not it disappear for Nokia 8 after Oreo download. Anyone has any work around? Thank you. I don't think I am the only one out here with this problem?

Agreed this needs putting back.. This is the single most annoying issue with the N8

From what I remember this setting should be implemented by launcher itself from Oreo onwards. 

So if it's not in the default launcher settings, you can install a 3rd party one that has it (I know Nova has this setting).

I see Oreo as quite a sideways update, what it gave with one hand it took away with the other, mainly user choice and option.

The removal of the option to add icons to the home screen or not is pointless and irritating.

As is the removal of the option to stop the even more pointless and irritating settings suggestions that just keep comming back and back no matter how many times you dismiss them.

 Indeed, very annoying!

 While not the ideal solution I would recommend trying Nova Launcher, it has more customisation.

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