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Android 8.1 Beta

Hi, Are you guys starting the 8.1 beta program? If so, when. It's already out for Google devices.

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Hi, you have not updated to Oreo 8.0 yet.

Maybe by February they start the BetaLabs oreo 8.1 for all Nokia HMD.


Hola, todavia no han actualizado a Oreo 8.0.

Tal vez por Febrero comienza la BetaLabs de oreo 8.1 para todos los Nokia HMD.

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Hopefully the Nokia 5 gets Android 8.1 because it looks really good

HMD promised 2 years of support (which includes monthly security patches as well as version of android, oreo 8.0, oreo 8.1 and 9) for all your Nokia smartphones with android


HMD prometio 2 años de soporte (que incluye parches de seguridad mensuales así como de versión de android, oreo 8.0, oreo 8.1 y 9) para todos sus smartphones nokia con android

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