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Still on September security patch

Hi all, Next to not updating to Oreo, my Nokia 8 is still stuck on the September security patch. Am I mistaken to believe it should already be on (at least) October or November? If newer patches are available, what can I do to get them? Nokia techsupport helpful as always "If your phone doesn't update there is no newer version. Contact Google if you have any further questions'.....

So this morning the Oreo update showed up even with the O2 sim inside and running.

So I am on November patch now as well. Sadly, it didn't work for Oreo till now. But I think we can blame O2 for this.

I also found that thread a couple of hours ago but it didn't work for me, even though I am with O2. In the end I put in a friends sim card and that unblocked it for me and currently installing Nov patch.Very frustrating...

It looks like the guy from the chat is right (somehow). I did some more investigation and found this:

O2 community: Android security patch not provided by O2! (and major updates?) 

I tried this method and the Nokia 8 is downloading Patch 2017-10 at the moment. I hope 2017-11 is coming afterwards.

I let you know if it worked.

I just chatted with the support, and they are stating the time the monthly security updates are pushed, is handled by the provider (even though i bought the phone on amazon without sim lock or branding).

I guess the slogan:

"Pure, secure and up to date"

is just useless marketing.

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Yes, I am also on the same build with the same issue (via O2 in the UK). I spent 30 minutes with a support guy  on Monday who was not able to resolve the issue. He gave me a virtual shrug and said he would escalate (I suspect jargon for file and forget) and offered no further indication if this would ever get fixed.

Same build here.. Might be a pattern. Let's see what builds have been getting the updates

I am having the same problem (Nokia 8, TA-1012, Build:00WW_3_08B, GER, sim-free).

The November patch has now officially been listed on the Nokia website. I am still on the September one (Nokia 8, TA-1012, UK, sim-free). Anyone has a similar issue or recommendations how to fix this? Tried restarting, taking out the sim and clearing the Google Services Cache all without luck.

Reached out tech support but no response yet. 


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