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Oreo for Nokia 6

When Nokia releases Oreo beta for Nokia 6?

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Probably next week :)

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Well, Nokia 5 got it but Nokia 6 did not :(

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Since Nokia 6 have almost the same chipset as Nokia 5 ,we should receive Android 8 in next hours , so please be patient.

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Hi! For now beta labs is running on Nokia 5. We're aiming to roll it out to Nokia 6 as soon as we can! Stay tuned... :) 

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I'm pretty sure that they would have released Oreo beta for both phones at the same time if it would have been ready. So I'm sadly expect at least a week of waiting.

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How do I get Oreo beta version for nokia 6 when released?

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I cannot believe that 8.0 is ready for nokia 5 and not for Nokia 6, I meant... really? 

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