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Second update for November, TA 1033

Hi guys I would just like to share with you that few minutes ago I received second update this month. First update was around 11/6 and that was google security patch now i received an update that was 143 MB and I dont know what it was. Description was saying better user interface and cellular update. Phone seems to be even faster but I dont see any graphic/interface changes. Did anyone received something like this? Nokia TA 1033 Serbia.

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Hi, I had the same update notice yesterday. I installed it today and cannot see any change log. My update was 147 MB. There seems to be a different battery monitor, it has a graph and very pessimistic duration prediction! My guess is that it is adaptive and the prediction will improve over time.
Forgot to mention, TA-1033, UK.

Same update here, TA-1021

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