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Automatic restart and slow

Hi this is Sajjad from Bangladesh. I have bought Nokia N8 on the 13 th of November. I was very eagerly waiting for the new Nokia for a long time. But for the last few days I am facing some problems. My mobile is frequently restarting automatically while using mobile data or WiFi. Today it has restarted for more than 15 times. Also it takes a lot of time to load the pictures of the gallery. Please give me a quick solution for my problems Thank you in advance
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1. Uninstall all the apps you have installed in the previous few days (ever since this problem started)

2. If you turn off Wifi/Data does the reboot stop ?

3. Where are the pictures? On an SD card or on the device itself? If SD card, it could be corrupt or very slow. Remove card and try if it solves.

4. if that doesn't work, a factory reset should help. Backup & reset. See if that helps.

5. Remember to install apps only from Google play store.

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