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Alarm not Ringing

After updating November security patch also alarm not working properly. Alarm icon gets hide when alarm time comes and after that its shows alarms missed. I have to depends on third party apps. This is worst condition.

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Post all sorts of troubleshooting and resets and Force Stops and removing all additional apps, the ISSUE continues. There is absolutely minimal support from the local NOKIA CARE center as well.  This is really painful especially if you are on the move... Disgusting infact !!

Ok so I found a solution and it worked fine for me as far as for last two days.... Open Clock App delete all the alarms that you see there active and inactive both. Now set a new alarm and make sure you DO NOT TO CHECK the "Repeat" option now it will ring the next time... Only issue with this workaround is you need to set alarm every time. Hope it will help others as well... Until the issue is actually fixed.
It absolutely did not help. Am ok not set set repeat. But it did not work... Have literally been struggling carrying an alarm clock in this modern digital era. With so many folks having this problem globally why don't you send a fix as an update. Don't loose credibility as a brand... Seriously a wrong decision going with Nokia.
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