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Notifications and Alarm issues in Android 7.1.2

My phone has not been ringing notifications or alarm properly with the Android 7.1.2. I have to open apps to find them, mainly WhatsApp. The alarm is not ringing. It just showed a couple hours later missed alarm, without ringing. Neither clearing the data or cache on the apps, nor updating to a newer version has worked. Anyone can offer a solution or suggestion? Thanks.

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Same problem I too have. The alarm does not ring at all. Pls anyone help

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I have also this problem in my Nokia 6 TA-1021

I am facing a same issue and it is pretty annoying.I wonder if Nokia is working on the issue with so many threads on this topic.

I was having the same issue with text and data messages not always pulling through.  I was able to fix it (so far atleast) by going into settings>battery>background activity manager and whitelisting necessary apps.

Hope that helps!

Thanks but in couldn't find clock in the whitelist. Can u pls help
Go into the app manager, find clock, and turn on the do not disturb over ride... Just in case. Otherwise I would try a different clock app, and add to whitelist. I've used timely for a few years and it's my go to, at least until recently when I put a Google home mini in my bedroom.
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