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Where was the promise of constant updates?

I have a TA-1039 and yes, I received monthly updates until September, to date I have not received the October and November updates. One of the reasons why I chose to buy the Nokia phone was the promise to always have the latest Android update and this is not being fulfilled

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My 1033 received the updates but the November one seemed a bit late. It says 6th November, but arrived closer to the 20th.
I have a TA-1033 in the UK and my November update was late but it also delivered Android 7.1.2. I also had Another update yesterday, however this had not changed much as far as I can see. There is another thread for UK Nokia 6 TA-1033 late patches which has a work around, put in a SIM from another service provider who has released the updates and connect over WiFi. When complete put your own SIM back in. It worked for me! PS, don't blame HMD, It's your service provider.

 But I have the 1039 not the 1033 I have put SIM of 3 different service provider even format it and update it without SIM but nothing works

Hello, how weird, I have the TA-1025 and I'm from Mexico, Latin America and it's Factory Free and I get updates without problems, between the 10th and the 17th of each month.

If your Nokia 6 is an Operator the problem would be with them, they are not allowing updates, if it is Free, try with a Hard Reset (remember, everything is deleted in the Internal Storage)


Hola, que raro, yo tengo el TA-1025 y soy de Mexico, Latinoamerica y es Libre de Fabrica y me llegan sin problema las actualizaciones, entre el 10 y 17 de cada mes.

Si tu Nokia 6 es de Operador el problema seria con ellos, que no están permitiendo las actualizaciones, si es Libre, intentan con un Hard Reset (recuerda se borra todo en el Almacenamiento Interno)

I also have the TA-1039 version and it is still stuck in the September security patch! it went to hell the promise of constant updates!
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