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I got Oreo in the UK...

Hi everyone, Tonight I managed to get Oreo to pop up on my UK spec Nokia 8. I will go through my particular use-case and people might be able to replicate it. It *might* be that Oreo is already rolling out and that this is just a massive coincidence but I present to you all what I did anyway. It is currently downloading so I can't give any feedback on the actual update. A few days ago I factory reset and set up the phone afresh, albeit without a SIM. I was previously using an EE SIM. I have been checking for updates every few hours for the past week. I used Nord VPN to connect to a Finnish server last week but it didn't do anything. This evening I checked for an update once more, with the usual disappointing result. I decided to try NordVPN again as I hadn't used it since resetting and setting up without a SIM installed. Checked for update Usual 'up to date' message briefly flashed up, then lo and behold the Oreo update download option appeared! Thought this might help someone out there. Failing that, the update is already rolling out and it's just a massive coincidence on my part. I don't know of anyone else with a UK spec Nokia 8 who's had the update yet though.

I think it must have be a coincidence. I have just checked mine, and it is now showing the update. I can't do the update yet as I am at work with no wifi. I haven't used any vpn, or done a factory reset, just been waiting...

Android 8/Oreo is rolling out in waves as usual for every manufacturer. I got my update in Germany after I put in a Thai SIM into second slot and switched mobile data connection to second slot. After that Oreo Update popped up immediately.

Got my update notification on checking for updates today.

Have done nothing special. The wait has simply been due to phased roll out. Now it's UK's turn.

Enjoying it so far. Definitely feels faster and smoother, picture in picture support is nice and overall the UI is a bit more slick. Nice to have rich playback controls too - they look pretty slick. I'm pretty sure I made this happen for everyone by using a VPN in the early hours - it's kicked something into life. Any donations welcome. Kidding, obviously ;)

Has the colour temperature of the screen changed at all? I ended sending mine back because the screen way way too blue. And the buttons were awful.

Sounds to me like a faulty screen as the colour balance on mine seems very accurate. You can test the SRGB mode in developer settings or permanently switch Night mode on at its lowest setting.

Just checked my software update screen and it had already downloaded. I hope it improves the NFC it is so hit and miss when I try to pay for things, failed tonight in Morrisons. Since the update it does feel a lot quicker.

Hasn't improved NFC. Also hasn't improved Bluetooth - which still drops out with headsets and goes all crackly with my Airpods in a way that none of my other devices do. I think the radios generally in the Nokia are poor as the WiFi also drops out in my bedroom all the time. It's the only device I've had that does this.

Just noticed the wifi calling settings have moved into the call app and following the update it has turned off. 

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