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Can't copy file from internal storage to external SD card after updating to Android 8.0

After updating to Oreo, whenever i copy a file from the phone storage to external SD card, i will get a 0 byte empty file. But deleting file from SD card has no issue. Is this due to new Google security policy ?Any idea how to solve this problem? The camera app can save pictures and video to the SD card without problem though.

Me too

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The same problem here! Now I can't sync my cloud with my phone (SD card). I feel I have android 4....damn.

I just tried copying some files from one folder on the SD Card to another folder on the same SD card - wont copy!!

Since I use 2 SIM cards I was too lazy to check myself, sorry! Does it happen with stock filemanager (Downloads/Files app) or with another filemanager from Play Store? Which one? Does it happen onyl with microSD cards or also with USB sticks connected with USB OTG cable? I know that Solid Explorer is compatible with Oreos changed access model for external storage permission. Solid Explorer asks once for external storage permission each time you connect a new storage device. After giving permission I did not face this problem on other devices. But as said at the beginning - I did not check with Nokia 8 myself.
Update 31-12-2017, after the second system update in December (330.7MB), problem solved. Thanks

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