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Security Patch Level

Hi guys, my Nokia 6 mobile doesn't get any update on security Patch. Its still at April 17 level. Does this ok or just I'm not getting any update. For your reference my android version is 7.1.1. thanks to help me on this

Hi, of you search for security update on this site you will find many people with the same issue. However the cause of the delayed security updates is not simple. For instance how did you advise your Nokia 6? If it was from a cheap online source the vendor may have force loaded a different firmware to match your local language. Alternatively it may just be your service provider who is delaying the release of the security pirates. I would recommend that you contact the support help line or chat service. They will help guide you through the various steps to resolve your issue.

Hello, your Nokia 6 is unlocked by Nokia? If it is Operator, it would be their problem, that they are not releasing the updates and HMD is not to blame for that.

Maybe a Hard Reset could work.


Hola, tu Nokia 6 es desbloqueado por Nokia? Si es de Operador aqui seria problema de ellos, que no estan soltando las actualizaciones y HMD no tiene la culpa de eso.

Tal vez un Hard Reset podría servir.


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