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Gallery ; file manager and font styles are missing

The phone has no inbuilt gallery for photos. We have to literally search for the file manager from the settings menu. And in case of the font display options , the style cannot be changed. It remains same with the only one available , standard one. Even after downloading the fonts it cannot be used. Disappointed with the features of the phone. The camera also is OK OK with the features. Nothing great if compared to other phones at same price.

Hi, I use Google Photos.

Although I have seen the Asian version if you have Nokia Gallery.


Hola, yo utilizo Google Fotos.

Aunque he visto la Versión Asiática si tiene Nokia Galería.

There are third-party gallery and file manager apps that are much better than anything Nokia would have included. If you don't trust no-name app developers, try the ASUS file manager. It's not as capable as some of the other file managers but it's still pretty good. The file managers I've had preinstalled by phone manufacturers like Motorolla and ZTE have been so basic that they're virtually useless anyway.

Even I have the same issue, and the file manager and galary it would be better if Nokia has the inbuilt galary and file manager like other mobiles. Kindly consider dis as a feedback.
Google's Files Go beta works fine for file explorer / cache management. As with the expected pure Android experience, Google Photos is the default gallery app. As for custom fonts. Never seen it in ASOP Android.
There is an option in Samsung phones to change the display of the font styles. Check the Samsung galaxy s3 or any for that matter. Its boring to use the same font.
Indeed there is, which was added by Samsung as part of their interpretation of Android. As I said, stock Android (ASOP) does not ship with such a feature. I do believe however that Oreo will allow for customisations like this
Hope so. Awaiting for that
For the record, you don’t have to “search for the file manager from the settings menu”. Downloads is essentially a shortcut to the file manager, and it’s actually a pretty reasonable one. Integrates with OneDrive if you have that installed, probably does the same with Google Drive.
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