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Can someone please help me how to fix a lag scrolling problem after i switch to oreo and also its like the frame rate has been decreased. After a few minutes it will return to a smooth scrolling and some of the apps keeps crashing specially gta san andreas....

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i have the scrolling issue i know what cause it after multiple unlocks and locks the issue occurs but if you lock the phone and unlock it it will be fixed as for crashes GTA has not been updated for 2 years so it's app problem not your phone if you look at the reviews you will understand  

I can confirm I've seen the scrolling go jerky on my device as well. It seems to happen every now and again, then it will suddenly fix itself. Not sure what is actually causing it, I didn't notice it in the beta as I would have reported it. I've also had Google maps crash several times during navigation which again did not happen in the beta. Slightly annoying but I can live with it until Nokia roll our a fix.
I know what is causing the issue its the glance screen when i disabled it the lag is gone

It seems that after Oreo update. A lot of bugs and there is no notification for any other thing but only miss call, emails and sms. my other messengers does not show on the glance screen. IT does not have a LED notification and I have to rely on 3rd party software.

I am also facing scrolling issues on 8.1. Even downgraded to 7.1.1 at service centre and still the issue persists. It will be good if Nokia adddresses this issue. I even disabled glance screen.
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