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Poor update schedule

I bought a Nokia 5 (TA -1024) and currently I am very disappointed in this phone. Not so much the phone itself but rather the lack of updates. My main reason for purchasing this phone was the timely updates promised by Nokia, which come to nothing on my case. My phone is still on the August security patch. I would like to know if there are other users in African countries who are having the same issue as I am and what can be done about this. Like is there any way to manually install the latest updates? Thanks

Well, I'm receiving updates on regular basis, usualy few days after the big G releases. If you're on august updates, you're on Android 7.0 (right?) which doesn't suffer from many issues recently posted on this forum.

Maybe you're a victim of load balancing, or Nokia has a possibility to hold the updates back for newly registered phones?

Best regards,


Hi Michał

Thanks for the reply. I am on Android version 7.1.1

I don't have many issues with the phone. I am just disappointed that it is not receiving the regular security updates promised by Nokia. Which, as mentioned above, was the main reason I got this phone. Good for you if you are getting regular updates. 

Well, in my opinion it's more like good for *you*, because you can use your phone as you intended. :)

Even though you're not getting the updates on a regular basis, you're still in a better situation than users of other producer's devices - you will get all the updates eventually.

I guess HMD didn't anticipate this situation, but i hope they are working hard on solving all the issues with our beautiful devices.


It's been a month, are you still in the same situation?, Because I am, I am stuck in August security patch
Hi. I signed up for the Oreo Beta. My phone is now on the December patch. I would suggest you do the same if possible. If I didn't sign up for the Beta I would probably still be in the same situation. Nokia is using the claim of "regular updates " as a marketing gimmick, when it's actually not up to them when updates will be pushed to us end users.

I'm on Oreo beta as well. After updating to O. i got another update after some time. Now i hope to get the newest security patches (and expecting slowdowns due to meltdown/spectre :( ). Regarding your situation - maybe they focus their resources on the newest version? Especially that they couldn't figure out what's wrong with N...


Michał do you work for Nokia? Every response from you is to quickly jump to Nokia's defence. 

Nokia should be focusing their resources on ensuring all the phones have the latest updates, as promised. Not leaving users behind just to focus on the newest version. 

Heh, i don't work for Nokia, but you have every right not to believe me :)

If i make an impression of defending them, maybe it's because i have a lot of memories with their phones (starting with analog 450 one) and am keeping my fingers crossed for them.

I'm pretty sure that Nokia employees wouldn't be allowed to write on community sites. Otherwise we would see significantly more posts like those of mine :)

Best regards,


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