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Still no Oreo over a week after release

I see a few people have started to receive the Oreo update in the UK. Not for me unfortunately. Looks like it's back to Sony after this phone, since I can download the firmware manually and flash with flashtool. Like so many others have said, Nokia promised a smooth and fast upgrade process and have fallen at the first hurdle. I appreciate I will eventually get the update, but the communication from Nokia has been poor.

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I finally installed oreo today, but I had to restore the phone to factory settings without a SIM card. Other forum methods did not work.

This issue seems to be related to your network mobile provider. In my case it was Vodafone not pushing the new system update, not sure why.

Like.many on here, my phone is a SIM free model. So why are network providers having any influence on this?? I could understand if the phone was a branded, network provider handset. Most other manufactures push updates to SIM free devices first and then allow Network Providers to make customisations for branded handsets. Nokia have failed to make that differentiation for some reason.
Apparently updates roll out by build numbers not so much TA so i guess that makes sense
I posted the fix that worked for me under this:
I did the following: I worked around the problem by doing the following: 1. installing a trial of NordVPN (don't forget to cancel the subscription after you have Oreo). 2.Next I connected to the Finland servers without my sin card installed. 3. After about 10 min my Nokia 8 TA-2012 started downloading then installed the Android 8.0 update. Side Note: Before it started downloading I tried to update from 7.1.1 through setting but it said none available, I put the phone aside to make some tea and it found it automatically wthin about 10 minutes.
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