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Emergency moblie alert

I live in New Zealand ,and bought Nokia 7 from China.I find Nokia 7 does not support emergency mobile alert for earthquake ,but on the website of Civil Defence of NZ shows Nokia 6and Nokia 8 both capable of this function .please help to sort it out.

 Does anyone know how to find :cell broadcast  in Nokia 7 as it has a function for emergency mobile alert ?Thanks

Tech Wizard

Phones intended for the Chinese market are modified and restricted in several ways. I'm not sure if Cell Broadcast is allowed in China?

The Cell Broadcast option is normally found in:

Messages app > Menu (vertical ellipsis top right) > Settings > Advanced > tap 'Wireless alerts' to reach the Mobile Broadcasts page.

There's a menu on that page with more settings.

Everything except Channel 50 alerts should be on by default ...

Thanks.I have tried to find the settings,but couldn't find anything .I bought in China but use it in New Zealand.Nokia doesn't tell the customers that nokia 7 only for using in China. As living in NZ,I need to receive emergency mobile alert for earthquake and tusnauni. As you mentioned channel 50 alerts by default,does it support emergency mobile alert ? Thanks a lot.

Tech Wizard

Another path to the CB settings on my phone is via Settings > Sound > Emergency broadcasts, but that does not help you.

Reading up on the subject at ... and other pages on the website - the alerts in NZ use a high priority “Presidential Alert” channel, so it either works or not.

While waiting for the next nationwide test to see how it goes, I suggest try the app store for a replacement?

looks like something that might work.

Nokia traditionally always comply with local laws and regulations. I don't know if a care point is able to do anything for you? (the nearest is in Australia, currently):

Or maybe consult the retailer in China and claim a refund..?


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