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Unlock Delay

Hey it's been just a month or two I bought this phone. Now it took significant time to wake up after pressing lock button to unlock as it goes to some deep sleep state. Even finger print unlock is very slow. Overall unlocking phone is very bad it lagges a lot. Please do something it is not expected from nokia. It takes 1 to 2 sec after pressing button, display to light up. Pls respond

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You said it: It goes into a deep sleep state, probably the same state that is crippling the notifications and making the Nokia 6 virtually useless as a smartphone at the moment (see the “alarm not alarming” thread).
Same issue. I got the Nokia 8. Please report this to customer support, so that they can sort it out on the Nokias. I did the same for mine. But I honestly think it is an Android Oreo issue. Because I googled it and multiple brands are having the same issue.

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