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Mechanical 'click' sound when switching front/back camera also when closing camera app.


I'm wondering if anyone else experiences a similar issue of a mechanical 'click' sound (like a relay switch) when switching between the rear facing and front facing camera, also the same sound is noticeable when exiting the camera app. This is not to be confused with the shutter sound that indicates a picture has been taken nor is it caused by vibration or touch screen sounds as both of those are tuned off. 


Open camera app toggle between rear facing camera > front facing camera = 'click' sound.

Open camera app press home button to exit out of camera app = 'click' sound.

Open camera app touch to focus on a close object then press home button to exit camera app = more audible 'click' sound.

Just to be clear this is not a feature request and has nothing to do with actually taking a photo. From what i understand the Nokia 5 does not have Optical Image Stabilization so why is it making this clicking noise?

Any thoughts on this from other forum users and/or Nokia staff. Is this phone defective and does any one else's  camera make a 'click' sound? i've one had the phone for a couple of days should i send it back?  None of my previous smart phone cameras 'clicked' when switching cameras or exiting the camera app.


My Nokia 6 makes a very faint clicking sound when switching cameras, and my previous phone (an HTC) also had the same behaviour. If it's clicking too loudly and you're worried I'd suggest taking it to a service centre just to make sure.

Thank you for your reply user1507280440277. The 'click' is not overly loud but i can hear it in a quiet room for instance - Maybe Nokia staff or mod can chime in and clarify why it's making this noise? It's interesting that both your Nokia 6 and  HTC also 'click'.  My previous phones (Samsung's) did not.  As far as i'm aware there's is no service centre here so i would need to send it back to Amazon for a replacement. 

Same in my device... Maybe "autofocus" or something similiar

Tech Wizard

Few users reported the Power button became loose and makes the noise due to shake.

I believe it could be the camera aperture opening or closing when the camera is switched.

Just to update - talked with Nokia support and they said is sounds like a hardware fault but no information on what may be causing the 'click' and why? so i've decided to return my Nokia 5 and a new one should be arriving next week.

Interesting, I talked with support few weeks ago and the english translate of answer is: "...this is not hardwere problem, is the indication of autofocus...".

It's interesting that we got different replies to what seems to be the same problem. If it was an indication of auto focus then surely all phone with cameras would 'click' ? It's not something I've heard on any other smart phone before which makes me think it's not normal and possibly an indication that something is wrong or failing with the hardware/camera module. Does yours click louder when you close focus on something then exit the camera app? Out of curiosity I downloaded the google/pixel camera app just to be sure it wasn't related to the default Nokia camera app, it 'clicked' with both!

Here is something similiar about One Plus phones On Nokia 5 are both cameras autofocusing, maybe this is the reason of click sound. Anyway, you will see on your new device. Please let me know if your new phone have this issue too or not.

I have this. Thought it was a software sound, but you're right, it does seem to be mechanical. Aperture closing could be a good shout. The fact other phones don't exhibit the same behaviour is probably just down to differences in design and/or construction. Doesn't strike me as being indicative of a problem, but if other people aren't hearing the sound at all on their Nokias, then maybe it is.

Tech Wizard

I do hear a faint click sound when switching to front camera in quiet environment. It may be a different design and not an issue.

Hello, So the new Nokia 5 arrived today (quick service from Amazon!) and this one 'clicks' too :/ infact it's even worse that the one i'm sending back!  the power button is also loose on the new one whilst it is tight on the old one. Something i noticed whilst i was boxing up the one ready to go back is if i gently tap around the rear camera bump it produces a rattle, like something is slightly loose or moving? (tooling tolerance perhaps?) the new one i just need to shake it and it rattles like a babies toy! (i made sure to hold the volume and power buttons on both units to rule out as best i could the rattle was possibly coming from those).  With such a short time frame / turn around it likely both these units came from the same batch. I'm thinking i might just send this new one back as well and get a refund, which is a shame as i was expecting rock solid build quality like the Nokia of old. infact i still have a Nokia n95 (it's looking a bit tatty as you might expect for such an old phone) but it still works and keeps on trucking :)

Tech Wizard

That is unfortunate !
You might want to hang on to the old N5, if u prefer. My Power button rattles a bit , but since I'm using a transparent case there is not much noise.

I was really happy with my Nokia 808 till July, But unfortunately it has limited capability / many applications stopped (abandoned) supporting the OS. I use it as my secondary camera and music player without the notification interruptions!. I have dropped it many times and there are no issues with it. 

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