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Nokia 8 problems

Hi everyone! I just want to know if any of you have had any similar experience of me re: use of Nokia 8. For some reason, my app store wont download nor update any apps, the home button and navigation buttons are not working ( they vibrate and light upon touch but they do not respond) and my notification bar whenever I slide down from the phone does not fully show all my notification. Factory reset and actually going to a service center are my last resort because I have precious data already and the service center is too far from where Im living. Send help please
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I suggest you to install an app providing an on-screen equivalent of the hardware navigation buttons: this will allow you to use your phone and set up backup or export your data. Then you'll be able to try everything (including a factory reset or a trip to the service center) without risking your data anymore.

Google pointed me to

If I may, always backup the data you care about. ;)

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