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Oreo update for Nokia 3

I hope we will get the Oreo update on our Nokia 3 as a new year gift before end of December! Wouldn't you agree guys?

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Sorry to disappoint to you but truth is you will oreo update  for nokia 3 after Feb because team is working on Nokia 6 and 5 first. later Nokia 3 and 2. they cant release so early as you thought. hope you understand that. but you will get monthly security updates as fast as they release.

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I get No reply from NOKIA support app. What to do now ?


Hi user94! 

Without knowing what happened, it could be that you contacted support outside their opening hours. If that is the case you should have received an out-of-hours message. If you haven't already, you could also try to update the Support app on Google Play. 

Hope this helps and you're able to speak to customer support soon.

Have a great day! 


Where is update

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