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Unable to browse pictures on Nokia C3 {windows 10}

I am unable to view Nokia C3 content on my Windows 10 laptop, is this a compatibility issue or a PnP Issue please and will anyone fix this?

NOTE: Unable to upload screenshots here sorry!

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Tech Wizard

This forum is mostly about Nokia Android OS phones. Nokia C3 is a Symbian OS phone.

I own a Nokia 808 PV and Nokia 500. So I can help on this.

Check if the phone driver is installed on the Win 10 Laptop in Control panel > Programs and Features > Nokia connectivity cable driver. 
If you recently updated Windows 10, there is a chance that the driver is removed.

Connect phone to PC choosing Mass Storage in USB Mode. 

[Settings > Connectivity > USB Mode > Mass Storage]

Alternatively use the 'Nokia Ovi Suite' software and connect to PC via USB cable / Bluetooth. The driver is auto installed.

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