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Google camera broken after Oreo update


After I updated my Nokia 8 (TA-1004) to Oreo the camera app by Google freezes continuously, it is impossible to use it.

It's a pity, the Google camera was perfectly complementing the Nokia one for panoramic and sphere photos, it was working just fine before the update.

Anybody else with the same issue?

try new google camera 5.1 or newer apk. Might be it will work as it was not working in previous android version.

Thank you for the suggestion, Usernew54! Indeed I checked and found the version of Google camera I have installed is quite old: I did not notice newer versions were available, I was expecting it to update automatically like most apps.

Sorry to jump in on this topic but how did you get the google camera app?

Google published it in the Play Store in the past, so I simple grabbed it from there and never uninstalled. It has been migrated from my old phone to my new Nokia automatically and until today I hadn't realized that installing and updating this app isn't trivial anymore.

Google Camera is not officially available on devices other than Nexuses and Pixels, so you won't get updates from Play Store. You have to manually check for updates of modded versions on xda.

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Hi Ale, which Google Camera version are you using now and does it work reliable? Also vice versa with Nokias stock cam?

Hi, I have Google Camera version 2.5.052 (2005148-30), it worked just fine until I updated to Oreo and now it's unusable. I had no issue at all with the one provided by Nokia, neither before nor after the update.

2.5 was old version (last one that officially supported anything other than Google phones) and Google no longer updates it, so it most likely crashes due to change of some APIs.
Thanks, Ale. Would be great if you could tell us from your experience after you updated Google Camera as Usernew54 recommended.
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